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Wrapped up and tied with a ribbon: Sophomore Year

Hey there, everybody!

It has been a long and crazy year for me over here at the University of Florida. It has been the rollercoaster ride of my life but it is all a testament of just how good my God is! I wasn't sure if I wanted to do one of these at first, but I figured way too much has happened to not share. So, my friends, here's a little look at the adventures my sophomore year of college had in store for me...

1) I FINALLY passed Chem 1.

Let's be vulnerable for a second. Your girl here took Chemistry THREE times. Oh, yes. You heard me. THREE times. If this doesn't tell you something about how persistent I am, I don't know what will. My final time taking Chem 1 I got a B+ and it's all thanks to Dr. Koralev (God bless her soul) and Study Edge (a gift to gators everywhere).

2) I went to my first (and probably last) UF football game.

I was a cheerleader for 3/4 years of high school and I still don't know a lick of football. Let's face it, sports just aren't my thing.

3) I went through Panhellenic rush.

I could write a book about this experience but I'll keep it simple for you. Coming into college it was my dream to rush a sorority. My freshman year I was ready to go through with it but something just kept telling me not to. Instead, I rushed and became a member of Theta Alpha. Theta Alpha is a Christian sorority at the University of Florida and it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I was super involved in Theta Alpha and loved absolutely every second. I was happy as can be until word of Panhellenic recruitment started going around again. I was curious and experiencing a good bit of FOMO. So get this, I left Theta Alpha to participate in Panhellenic rush. Am I crazy? Yeah. Do I ever let an opportunity pass me by? Nope. Long story short, I went through what was the longest week of my life, strategizing my entire way through (in true Adrianna fashion) and was offered a bid into one of my top three houses. I had gotten exactly what I wanted and to my surprise, it wasn't what I needed. I missed the community I had in Theta Alpha and decided that I needed to come back home. I learned so much through this experience and can honestly say that I truly enjoyed every second of it. Rain delays, blisters, coffee filters and all. In the end, I believe that the Lord carried me through it just so I could appreciate where I truly belonged and what I already had.

*Disclaimer: I have so much respect for the Panhellenic Council and every woman I interacted with during this experience. I was treated with incredible amounts of encouragement and kindness. If any of you have any questions about this experience please reach out because I would love to share!*

4) You win some, you lose some.

Unfortunately, with growth comes loss and this year I have lost friends that I thought would be by my side forever. However, this year I also didn't just gain new friends, I found my God Squad! I found the people who are for me and with me through every season and trial and I could not be more thankful.

5) I became a mom.

Okay, okay. So, I'm not a real mom. However, I am a big and I will attack anyone who comes after my little. My little, Mykayla, has been the biggest blessing ever and I am so glad I got her this year! She knows I love her and that she couldn't get rid of me if she tried, but here's a reminder. Love ya, Chicken.

6) I started working at an elementary school.

Let me just start by saying, there is a special place in heaven for those who work with children. This job has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Trying to remain sane while having 50+ kids yelling "Miss. Adrianna" at the same time is no easy feat. Also, having to keep track of 200 kids, entertain them, make sure their not killing each other and dodging "Cheeto fingers" while accepting hugs is a challenge worthy of a TV show. While it's been a ride, I have never experienced so much love in my life. There is no greater feeling than knowing that there are children who look forward to seeing me every day and that I am a source of light in their lives. I cherish every hug, every "I love you", every laugh and every question (even if they've asked it twelve times). My last day is in less than two weeks an you better believe I am going to sob my eyeballs out.

7) I started getting a little more creative with Instagram.

Around Christmas time, I decided I wanted to be more like the bloggers I looked up to and have a more "Disney" Instagram account. I did not know the impact that this one decision would have on the rest of my life.

8) I switched my major to public relations.

When the Lord speaks, you better LISTEN! I kid you not, one day I got this random inclination to go stalk my favorite bloggers and see what they got their degrees in. I didn't even know why I was doing this until I had. I had never heard of Public Relations before doing this but it was the moment everything clicked. It was the moment that I realized, "Wait a minute, I am creative, strategic, I enjoy writing, blogging, photography, videography, planning, communicating with people; what the heck am I doing struggling trying to be a doctor for?" I marched my happy self over to the PATH office and made the switch. My life, and grades (yikes), have been much happier since.

9) I found the love of my life.

Family members who came across this post through Facebook, don't worry, I'm not getting hitched ANY time soon. Now, I'm not going to bore you all with the mushy details but let's just say, the saying "when you know, you know," yeah, it's real. Also, ladies, don't ever settle for a man who loves you in anyway less than the way God says you are to be loved. You are worth far more than jewels, more precious than rubies or pearls and deserve to be treated like it!

10) I auditioned for a face character role with Disney.

I have auditioned to be a face character with Disney three times this year! Auditioning with Disney is the most fun experience ever whether you get the role or not! My first two auditions were at the Animal Kingdom Rehearsal Facility in Orlando and the third one was in Atlanta, Georgia. Fun fact: I had never actually been to Georgia before that audition. I left Gainesville at 3:00AM and got back at 5:30PM. It was the craziest thing I've ever done but it was my favorite audition experience and I would do it again in a heart beat. As soon as more auditions that I qualify for are posted I will be returning!

11) I got pink hair and two tattoos!

My roommate once introduced me to a friend by saying, "She's gotten two tattoos and dyed her hair pink in the short time I've known her but I promise she's not going through a crisis." I am really just living my best life, promise. My mantra for this year has been to stop dreaming about things and just DO IT. Go crazy, be colorful, be different, be YOU, life is much more fun this way, I promise.

12) I switched from getting my eyebrows waxed to threading.

This may seem mundane but I promise it's life changing. My eyebrows have never looked better (@Ziba for being a goddess).

13) I started this blog!

I am so thankful that I have this blog and get to use it to share my thoughts and stories with you all! I am not the best and keeping a consistent schedule for blogging, but when inspiration strikes, I write! As I go on more adventures this summer I hope to share them with you all on here and maybe on a future YouTube channel...

That's a wrap!

My sophomore year came to a close and the fun is just beginning! I have a ton of new opportunities on the horizon and I can't wait to dive in and let my creative juices flow! I really enjoyed writing and reflecting on the past year so I think I'm going to make this a new little segment for every time I close a chapter in my life. Thanks for coming along for the ride and let me know if you want to hear more about anything I mentioned! I love to share!

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