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8 Christian YouTubers You Need To Watch!

There are a million and one reasons why someone may log into YouTube. A couple of years ago my only interactions with YouTube were to watch music videos, hair styling tips and the occasional homework help. (PTL for math YouTubers, amirite?) Never did anyone think that YouTube would become a place for us to catch up with the lives of strangers who would eventually feel like some of our very best friends.

What DO we come to our very best friends for? Oftentimes it's love, guidance, support, inspiration and just someone to do life with. Now more than ever there are wonderful men and women on YouTube who are creating communities that have ALL of that AND are pointing their subscribers to the best influencer there ever was, Jesus.

There are TONS of Christian creators on YouTube sharing the good news, but here's a list of my favorite internet gals and guys to follow the Lord and do life with!

1. Allison Bickerstaff

Allison Bickerstaff is a Florida based YouTuber known for sharing her cozy lifestyle full of cooking, baking, fashion, organization, home decor, travel, iced-coffee and Disney magic. Allison creates "Day In My Life" videos where she updates her subscribers on her day-to-day life as a newly-wed building a home and her own business. Allison's love for the Lord shines through in every video and she speaks gracefully about her faith and how the Lord is moving in her life with her audience. No matter what the topic of her latest video is, you know it's going to be inspiring, calming and oh so aesthetically pleasing. I don't know how she does it, but the girl has a subtle way of lighting a fire under you and making you feel like you need to go take on the world!

To check out Allison's channel click HERE.

2. Celest Rayanne

Celest is a wonderfully authentic YouTuber who I love for always keeping things SO real. I came to love Celest's channel by watching her Faith Friday videos. From the very beginning she made it very clear that she'd only make them if she felt called to share what the Lord made clear to her. I have always admired Celest's commitment to making God honoring content and not letting the fear of breaking away from the niche hold her back. If you love thrifting, nature, fitness and just hanging out with someone who doesn't make you feel like you need to be perfect 24/7, Celest's your gal.

To check out Celest's channel click HERE.

3. Jaclyn Brooke

Jaclyn is a college senior after the heart of the Lord. Jaclyn has been making videos since her high school days and shines pure joy and wisdom on her channel. Jaclyn's content is typically college, fashion and beauty related but she walks so closely with the Lord that it just wouldn't be a day in her life if Jesus wasn't mentioned. While Jaclyn's main channel hosts primarily lifestyle content with a natural Jesus inclusion, Jaclyn recently created a second channel called Flourish that will be the hub for all of her faith-centered content.

To check out Jaclyn's channel click HERE.

To check out Flourish click HERE.

4. Jess Conte

This one is kind of a double whammy because it includes TWO channels! Jess Conte has her own YouTube channel but also has ANOTHER one with her husband Gabriel. Jess' videos are typically centered around fashion, beauty, home decor, organization, self care and the fun adventures between her and Gabriel. Jess' kind heart and gentle spirit are so evident in each video she makes. Jess is a native Australian who moved to the United States after marrying her husband. If this is your first time hearing about her, I highly encourage you to watch her older videos while she was waiting for the opportunity to visit her family in Australia. Her faith in the Lord's plans and expectancy to see him move will give you no choice but to love her.

Jess and Gabriel recently moved to Florida and I'm still waiting for the fateful day that I bump into them, but until then I hang out with them on YouTube.

To check out Jess' channel click HERE.

To check out Jess and Gabriel's channel click HERE.

5. Kian Tilton

Kian Tilton quickly became one of my favorite YouTubers the moment I watched her testimony video. Kian is a beautiful example of being bold in your faith and using your past to glorify the Lord. For my single ladies out there, Kian began a Single Diaries series on her channel to help girls in their pursuit of the Lord as they wait for the partner the Lord has picked for them. During this series, Kian Tilton found her husband in the craziest way and she now shares videos about faith, lifestyle, wedding planning and preparing for a marriage that honors the Lord. If you're new to Kian's channel I suggest you watch her testimony video and continue on chronologically. Her channel is a beautiful way to be reminded of how the Lord moves in amazing ways. With all of that, she's also just a super cool gal who you'll wish you could go thrifting with in real life!

To check out Kian's channel click HERE.

7. Kristin Johns

Kristin Johns is the loveliest human being. Kristin's videos primarily center around lifestyle content focused on fashion, plants, home decor, beauty, baking and fun times with her two big pups and her husband Marcus. Kristin is another YouTuber who doesn't make exclusive faith-related content but seamlessly incorporates her faith and testimony into every video she creates. In May of 2020 Kristin and Marcus were involved in a terrible hit and run bike/car accident. Throughout the trauma of their experience, the first move they made was proclaim the glory of God with the world as they shared the testimony of how he saved and protected them in the accident. The two of them are straight-forward in showing their heart to exalt the name of the Lord in this world and they shine so brightly.

Not YouTube related BUT Kristin is also the owner of her own brand @kristinmade that sells THE cutest apparel and accessories you'll ever see.

To check out Kristin's channel click HERE.

8. Adrianna Santiago

I simply couldn't do a list about Christian YouTubers without including myself, could I?

If you're new around here: Hi! I'm Adrianna and I have a YouTube channel focused on sharing my life, and whatever is true, just, noble, lovely and praiseworthy. (Phillippians 4:8) I create a blend of lifestyle and faith videos aimed at creating a digital community of people who want to live inspired by the creator and inspire others to chase after him in all that they do. If you like day-to-day life, social media, photography, weddings, theme parks, cooking, fashion, organization and more, you'll want to be part of this fam. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet and I'm so happy to have you here!

To check out MY channel click HERE.



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