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Disney Fairytale Wedding at Disney's Boardwalk - Seabreeze Point + The Attic

Welcome to the Adrianna Gunn Photography blog! Today we're sharing highlights from this Disney Fairytale Wedding at Disney's Boardwalk Resort at Seabreeze Point, The Attic and their Firework Dessert Party. I met this couple through Facebook and we'd been chatting for so long before their wedding date it truly felt like I was a guest celebrating two friends. We started the day with a first look at Disney's Pop Century before the headed out for their in-park portrait session with Disney Fine Art Photography. From there, we met up at the Boardwalk, got them married, partied with some special guests, took portraits on the Skyliner Loop and the ended the festivities the next day with their Firework Dessert Part at EPCOT in Viking's Landing. Ready to see the memories saved and magic that was made? Take a peek below!

Bride and Groom holding Mickey balloons at Disney's Boardwalk Resort on their Fairytale Wedding Day

These first look photographs were taken at Disney's Pop century right as the sun was coming up. The lights were still on it was so dark but we lit the walkway up by the water so they could get a good look at eachother before a full day of magic!

After their first look this couple got picked up by Disney Fine Art Photography to do their in-park photo session at EPCOT. After that, we met up at their ceremony location - Disney's Boardwalk Resort and did some pre-ceremony portraits as well as the Bride's first look with her father!

Bride and her father having their first look at each other before walking down the aisle at her Disney Fairytale Wedding at Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Bride and her father having their first look at each other before walking down the aisle at her Disney Fairytale Wedding at Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Immediately after the first look we walked over the Sea Breeze Point for the ceremony. The sun was shining and wow was it glorious!

Disney's Boardwalk - Seabreeze Point Wedding Ceremony Disney Fairytale Wedding Photographer

Nothing happier than a bubble exit!

Bubble Exit for Disney Fairytale Wedding at Seabreeze Point

At the reception at The Attic (more photos to come!) we had some special guests join the festivities.

Couple Engagement Session at disney's boardwalk resort

This couple wanted an interactive element to their reception and hired a charicature artist to draw their guests LIVE! Israel was the talented cast member who drew each guest and wow what a job he did!

After the reception we took some more photographs around the B oardwalk, hopped on a Skyliner to Disney's Riviera Resort and then said farewell until tomorrow!

Bride and Groom Kissing on the Disney Skyliner on the day of their Disney Fairytale Wedding

Tangled Mosaic at Disney's Riviera Resort

View of the Skyliners over Disney's Caribbean Beach

The next day we met up at the International Gateway for their Firework Dessert Party at Vikings Landing. It was a fairytale finish with some sparkle. Once Iluminous was over they changed into something a little more comfortable and had a private ride on Test Track into their happily ever after.

Bride and Groom in front of test track at EPCOT

Planning a wedding or a trip to Disney and looking for someone to capture the memories? Let's get to chatting!

Disney Photographer Adrianna Gunn and her family

Meet Adrianna Lauren Gunn! Based in the sunshine state, Adrianna is a portrait photographer specializing in seniors, graduates, couples and Disney photography serving the Central Florida and Orlando areas. When she's not snapping photos you can find her capturing different types of magical moments with her husband filming wedding videos for Golden View Video Co.

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