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Reminders to myself.

YOU are NOT of this world.

You do not find your purpose in what you can do and what you can create, but in the love you show and spread.

You WILL NOT succumb to the ways of this world.

You will live like Jesus and love all, even when everyone else does not.

You will bite your tongue when the devil tries to lure you into speaking anything less than life.

You will bridge the gap between man with LOVE.

You will show compassion and understanding even when it is hard.

You will not block your purpose by staying still and comfortable.

You will MOVE, SPEAK UP and get UNCOMFORTABLE for the mission of Jesus.

You are put RIGHT where you are for a purpose. HIS purpose.

You are a vessel for the Lord and wherever you are he is.

You will address the things that need to be addressed.

You will do everything you do to serve others, the kingdom.

You will remember that you are not good or great.

You will remember that it is not about you. It is about HIM.

You will not fear.

You will not look back.

You will not waste an opportunity to save.

You will never stop yearning to grow closer to Jesus.

You are the CREATED.

You are made to LOVE.



You are the HEAD and not the TAIL.

You are FULL of PURPOSE.

You are a CHILD OF GOD.

YOU are NOT of this world.

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