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The Doctor, the Drill Sergeant and the Decision.

Hey y'all!

So I am SO excited to really start building up my blog and sharing with you all! Many of you reading this may know me or know of me, but in reality, unless you've talked to me in the last two months you really haven't met Adrianna. So I figured, if i'm going to be sharing my life with you all, you might as well know who's words you're reading. This post isn't going to be about my latest favorite hobbies, movies, tv shows and foods (even though i'm thrilled to share those with you later), it's a little glimpse of my heart, where it's been and where it's going.

In order for me to properly paint this picture for you we've got to go back a little bit.

So, I graduated high school thinking that I was going to be a hard core neonatal surgeon strait out of Grey's Anatomy. I loved blood, guts and all the gross stuff I could get my hands on. Literally, I have always found watching births fascinating and have probably told every one of my friends that I would one day deliver their children. Ask, any of them. I'm not joking. However, upon arriving to UF, the Lord quickly showed me that my plan for my future was NOT what he had in mind.

Let me tell you, I am one stubborn chick. I struggle with it, I like to deny it and say that i'm not, but I am. Even though I immediately knew that medicine was not my place, I was prideful and REFUSED to be the girl who got "weeded out." I spent my whole life working to get to this place just to find that I would be miserable. I let my pride keep me from exploring my other passions and felt stuck. My identity was embedded in this life I had fabricated and I was blind to all that I could be.

This is not a sad story! There was a light at the end of the tunnel but I had to make a couple of life adjustments before I could see it. I was recommended the book "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy, from some of my sorority sisters and it kind of rocked my world. I opened this book because, at the time, my love life was in shambles (different blog post, different time) and I could use a little direction. Little did I know, it wasn't my love life that was in shambles, it was my life in general.

You see, your girl here is a natural born control freak. If I spend any time longer than a week at home my name slowly begins to turn from Adrianna to Drill Sergeant. If there's anything I do best, it's taking charge. Silly me, thought that I could successfully take control of my own life.

Reading this book revealed to me that relinquishing control and putting the pen of your life in God's hands is the way to go. My reign over my life had timed out, my way wasn't working anymore and it was time to bring in reinforcements. I asked God to take over my life, take the pen, rip out all the pages that I had written, and start over. I relinquished my control, cast my fears, insecurities, hurt and pride onto him and it was the most freeing experience of my life. He took me on the ride of a life time and it's a ride that I never want to get off of. He showed me pieces of myself that I'd never seen before; Treasure that he had buried deep within me that I never thought had any value until he opened my eyes to them. Since then, it's been a journey of discovering myself, discovering him and praising my way through it all.

So, where am I now? Today, I am a student at the University of Florida studying Public Relations and Sociology. I work at an elementary school and get to love on and be friends with 180 kids everyday. I am a Disney obsessed 19 year old who will challenge anyone to riding Rockin' Roller Coaster until we puke and an intense lover of Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. Most importantly though, I am a Christ follower. I am a girl who wants to love people in a way that reflects the One who's loved her, a girl who wants to create beautiful things through the inspiration given to her by her Creator and a girl who can't wait to see what the Greatest Story Teller the universe has ever known has in store for her.

I hope this let you know a little bit more about me! Blogging is so fun but also so weird because I am kind of just talking to myself and hoping someone hears me. Bear with me as I try to find my way through what works and what doesn't and please feel free to use the contact tab to send me any advice!

Until next time,


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